InfoTech Management Consultants, LLC.

Successful Information Technlogy Through Better Planning and Architectural Design



Successful Information Technology (IT)!

You can do it and we can show you how!

Making the “right” choice for a consulting firm is the key to that success. However,the choice can be both a challenge and an opportunity for your organization.

Building Information Technology (IT) depends on effective communication between management, end users, technical staff responsible for supporting IT, and the consultants working with you to define and assist in achieving your organizational business and IT goals and objectives. From our point of view at InfoTech Management Consultants, LLC (InfoTech MC), we take this statement seriously and make it our primary aim to listen to you and to what you desire and want!

At InfoTech MC, we believe sharing knowledge both vertically and peer-to-peer avoids and side-steps many of the difficulties encountered in the design and implementation of information technology solutions. As such, communication represents and becomes one of the keys and fundamental building blocks for effective IT system design and deployment. It provides the foundation for our approach to every consulting assignment we take on.

InfoTech MC consultants approach each engagement highly motivated, trained, and experienced IT professionals. Though we are a relatively new organization, our professional staff collectively has over one hundred years experience solving complex business problems for a wide and diverse range of private and public organizations. Visit our web page for a list of industry groups for whom we routinely provide our services. Our professional and support staff brings the right and appropriate kind of technical knowledge, business acumen, and interpersonal skills needed to understand, assist, and guidance that allows you to  achieve your organizational IT goals and objectives. Simply stated, we are about people coming together and forming a partnership to plan, manage, and govern your IT desires and wants. In this partnership, we view our role as threefold:

  • To bring another resource, our experience working with and solving other technology problems, issues, and concerns to your table
  • To provide you a sounding board for your organizational IT goals and objectives
  • To advise, arrive at, and agree upon the most economical and practical way for you to use IT you achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.

Our team of software and requirements engineers, project managers, and consultants routinely work on IT solutions such as:

  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Software Quality Assurance and Testing
  • Database Evaluation, Design, and Implementation
  • Software Design, Development, and Implementation
  • Compiling, Writing, and Evaluating Client Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • Strategic Information Technology Planning
  • Web Design and deployment
  • Facilities Management

Information Technology also means understanding data and the associated relationships, patterns, and trends that exist in that data. Such is the world of Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

GIS requires the deployment of hardware, software, and user processes and procedures for capturing data that allows you to take a global approach to visualize, analyze, question, and interpret and display geographically referenced information. Our approach to GIS is simple. We work with you and assist in providing you the ability to more easily integrate GIS technology with any enterprise information system. This allows you to better solve problems by looking at data in the form of easily understood reports, graphs, and charts. Our areas of expertise includes:

  • Remote Sensing and Image Analysis
  • Urban Planning and Development
  • Agriculture and Resource Management

InfoTech MC also designs and administers education and training programs for many of our clients such as commercial profit and non-profit businesses, local, state, and the Federal government, colleges, and universities. A detailed list of training programs and seminars, educational courses, and specialized lectures is available upon request.

Take a tour of our web site to learn who and what we about and then perhaps contact us to determine whether or not we are a good fit for your organization.