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Successful Information Technlogy Through Better Planning and Architectural Design


About Us

We are about “team” and “teamwork.”

Successful Information Technology (IT) means a layered architectural approach focused on the alignment of an enterprise’s strategic business plan and operating model with the capabilities of its IT resource. In short, an architectural solution using practices and principles from the Enterprise Architecture (EA) Framework (EAF) playbook that defines what IT is to do. IT then simply becomes doing EA. The aim of this approach formulates a strategic IT plan to make the enterprise more efficient, effective, and competitive and thus provide an organized hedge in today’s extremely difficult economic business environment. However, the EA tools, the EAFs, alone are not enough to ensure success implementing new and/or enhanced technology. Without proper planning, commitment, and dedication of all project stakeholders, success is frequently difficult to achieve.

The word “technology” often strikes fear into many “stakeholders” as it frequently means organizational transformation. Organizational transformation means changes in the structure, culture, character, political, and social environment of an enterprise. The psychological and sociological impact of this transformation on stakeholders cannot be overlooked in this process as new roles, duties, and responsibilities are assigned to those expected to use the new processes and procedures inherent in implementing new technology. In many cases, adverse behavioral patterns surface that can seriously affect and potentially jeopardize new and/or enhanced IT projects. This negative stakeholder behavior frequently manifests itself in behavioral patterns that may be counter-productive to achieving enterprise goals and objectives even, in the most extreme cases, resulting in intentional project sabotage. We know how to mitigate these influences and behavior.

Our staff of highly trained and experienced professional software and requirements engineers work with both private and public enterprises ranging from small to large assisting with the solution and implementation of complex systems. Our staff not only has the technical knowledge, background, experience, and business acumen needed to build complex IT systems but also the necessary interpersonal skill set needed to recognize negative influences on project success and build the relationships with your staff to ensure your stakeholders understand, recognize, and accept the technological changes planned for your organization.

Our approach to EA and IT recognizes the importance of stakeholder commitment and behavior towards acceptance of new technology by putting in place an Architectural Design Plan (ADP) tailored and designed specifically to fit your organizational environment and IT needs. The ADP is based on communication, knowledge sharing, and management control and governance represents the building blocks and foundation for EA and subsequent IT design and implementation.

Another area we provide IT services is Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Our GIS/IT consultans routinely compile, analyze, and assist firm clients in the use of spacial and metadata from highly specialized and unique aspects of GIS such as Remote Sensing.

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